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    05.07.2020 Patch Notes

    05.07.2020 Patch Notes -|Server Chat Fixed| -Gatherin in maintenance cannot be gather for now. -Server update and refresh system fixed. -Mail relog bugs fixed. -Some guild bugs fixed. -Pvp open (Alt+C) bug fixed. -Horses can be sell imperial after this. -Pearl gaining change to 30min/100p...
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    Extra Patch
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    Can't buy certain items

    we will check.
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    03.07.2020 Patch Notes

    03.07.2020 Patch Notes -Marketplace first low price purchase status removed. -Players can buy the any price after this. -Marketplace min and max prices removed. -Players will determine the prices. -Market tax completely removed. -Bosses will be spawn from 5 to 10 hours. -Boss drops will be...
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    Paid Service/ Premium Benefits

    we will be adding a dashboard soon. all buff written in the package is running. we did not get any complaints from anyone.
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    30.06.2020 Patch Notes

    30.06.2020 Patch Notes -Musa Rising Storm (Shift+Q) removed. (Working on it.) -All grabs removed. (Working on it) -Ninja Seamless (Space) removed. (Working on it) -Witch and Wizard Heal skill (Shift+E) buffed. -Witch Wizard Valkyrie and Warrior's damage's reduced to taken other players. (Pvp)...
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    I can't log in to the server, writes the QA server

    maintenance is over. try again
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    Musa Skill Need Fix (Shift+Q)

    problematic skills are currently closed shift + Q skills will be completely corrected.
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    KİLL THE BLACK SPİRİT EVENT New Event İnformations and Drop List -Memory Fragment -Cron Stone -Pearl -Concantrated Black Stone Weapon -Concantrated Black Stone Armor -Tungrad Ring (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) -Black Distortion (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) -Ogre Ring (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) -Valtarra Belt (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet)...
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    New Event İnformation ( KİLL THE BOSS )

    KİLL THE BOSS EVENT New Event İnformations and Drop List -Pearl -Concantrated Black Stone Weapon -Concantrated Black Stone Armor -Tungrad Ring (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) -Black Distortion (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) -Ogre Ring (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) -Valtarra Belt (Pri-Duo-Tri-Tet) The event will take a week.
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    Current Situation with AP DP and Grinding

    we will check.
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    About recent Droprate nerfs

    we will check.
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    Bug when upgrading blackstar weapon

    we check. we will inform.
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    Outfit and underwear effects doesnt work

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    Purchasing Kamyslvia Blessing